About Us

Our Story

With a common printing and engraving background, but each with a unique skill set, our founders had a vision – a decorative design resource center in North America.  A firm that would be innovative and responsive to the needs of the industry based on comprehensive market knowledge.  In 2008 Evolution Design Studios opened its doors as an independent, full service, decorative design and engraving resource. Humble beginnings in a one-room office in Holyoke, Massachusetts, quickly led to expansion and a move to a space where we could spread our wings. Our multifunctional facility, complete with woodshop, scanning room, art space and graphic design studio is located in Suffield, Connecticut, just minutes from Route 91 as well as Bradley International Airport.  

Our growth is built on in-house artwork production.  Trend forward and industry focused, we provide our customers with the flexibility they desire and the speed-to-market that drives their sales.  In this rapidly changing industry, we made it our mission to provide our customers with the expertise and multi-faceted understanding of the market needed to be competitive.  Today, we provide decorative design services to clients worldwide.