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Our Services



Establishing collaborative partnerships with artists and suppliers around the world, enables us to provide unique, trending and trend-setting designs for our customers. Our wood shop and artist studio give us the creative space to expand our portfolio as well as develop custom design request. Constant trend monitoring allows us to provide you with the high-quality artwork your customers expect.


Getting a great design to consistently print with definition and detail takes skill and innovation.  Our graphic designers have the experience to produce a highly stylized, color separated, printer-ready, digital file with same look and feel as the original material, whether you are using traditional gravure printing, laser engraved cylinders, plates or a digital printing process.


Cutting-edge technology, designed for details.

Capturing fine details and maintaining consistent sharpness requires the latest in scanning technology. We've invested in LED digital imaging to capture stunning detail and depth.  Developed for the special requirements of the decor industry, our scanner captures high quality and reliable images of decorative surface materials such as natural wood, stone and marble, textiles, leather, artwork, etc. 


​We offer consulting services to the Decorative Surface Industry.  With a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to customer care, we can help enhance your products, streamline your process, and grow your business.  We provide guidance in choosing designs and colors that will keep your collections on-trend, tweak your process to ensure the most consistent and reliable results, offer engraving advice, and much more.  In this highly competitive market, we take pride in seeing our customers succeed.

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